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Toirt Samhlaigh w/ nueron fibers

Immersive Visualization Bootcamps

The Advanced Visualization Lab at Indiana University, in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies at the Idaho National Laboratory, and Kitware Inc. are hosting a series of bootcamps to provide information to users and potential users of immersive technologies (aka virtual reality), such as CAVE-style and head-based-displays for the purpose of scientific visualization.

The most recent bootcamp was held October 22-24, 2014 at the Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Our bootcamps are hosted in multiple locations in order to make them more accessible to operators at smaller labs with limited budgets (though anyone is invited, and we have had some international attendees). Our 2013 "bootcamps" were held in Indianapolis Indiana (March), and Laramie Wyoming (June). Offering multiple, smaller, bootcamps enables a more intimate and hands-on experience, along with more flexible travel opportunities. The content of the offerings are generally consistent.

We are discussing the possibility of one or two bootcamps that could be held in 2015. The Indianapolis and Laramie bootcamps held in 2013 were both highly successful.

The goal of these bootcamps is to empower immersive (aka virtual reality) visualization facilities with software tools that will enable them to visualize data in a variety of formats within their advanced displays. The software presented will primarily be open-source, allowing participants to freely incorporate packages into their workflow suite.

IQ-station at SC'11

Standard topics include:

  • General Purpose Vis (Immersive ParaView)
  • Point-cloud data (LidarViewer)
  • Volume Rendering (Toirt Samhlaigh)
  • Molecular viewer (VMD)
  • Matlab VR interface
  • Programmable Vis (VTK)
  • System configuration
  • Low-cost Immersive Systems
  • Human Computer Interface considerations
  • Workflow examples at INL
  • Interaction capabilities
  • Unity-3D and virtual reality
  • Supported input devices

Registration is $250 per person. Many meals will be provided to encourage discussion and collaborations. Space is limited to 25 participants per event in order to maximize hands-on time. Bootcamps begin at 1:00pm on the first day, lasting two working day equivalents, ending at noon on the third day.

ParaView class at the VCT

Please email your questions to Bill Sherman (shermanw@indiana.edu).

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